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Courageous enough to launch book (1)

Become inspired to achieve your ambitions from the latest anthology by Visionary Dr. Cheryl Wood and CO-Author Dr. Loucille Black Hollis

The book is a compelling compilation of 47 dynamic businesswomen's unique stories and top strategies for facing the fear of starting their own businesses but DOING IT ANYWAY. Dr. Hollis tells her inspirational story of “How God Uses her pain to Springboard her to Purpose.”


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Courageous Enough to Launch Book

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Meditation Moments, Volume I: It's Kairos Time

mm book cover2

When the Word becomes alive, it will transform one’s mindset and motivate one to start living out the spirit of Word in one’s daily life.
Written in 3- distinct sections, Meditation Moments is a compilation of some of my reflections over time. I pray that the Word of God will change your lens while you wait upon the manifestation of His promises.

Available in Print & Kindle Edition

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